Children's Parties

Children LOVE balloons.  Helium filled latex balloons or foil balloons either in plain colours with messages or characters printed, grouped in weighted clusters or simply tied on backs of chairs.  The options are endless for small or large parties.

Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon
— Winnie-the-Pooh

Thank YOU and your WONDERFUL team for making Linus’ party the BEST ever!!!!
Linus was blown away he could not stop talking and playing with the balloons! He had sooo much fun and everybody loved them!!!! You are a true artist!!!!
Your artwork is amazing and you are the best!!!!
Thank you sooo much!!!!
— Linus' mother following his 3rd Birthday party
Brilliant - you are a lifesaver Jane! I’ve also had some people comment and ask for your details from the toddler group at how good quality your balloons are, so I’m always passing you on”.
— Erin, Children's Birthday Party Organiser