Words mean so much.....

How lovely to be sent an email from a client after an exceptionally busy weekend working.  

"WOW, Jane!  They looked absolutely stunning!  We were so excited to walk round the corner and see those fabulous balloons dominating the bar!!  I was a very VERY happy customer.  THANKYOU so much for doing such a brilliant job".

(Well thankyou Caro.......it was my pleasure)

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Balloons in magazine features

We have LOVED working with some great magazines recently.  Check out the latest issue of Slimming World magazine for pastel shade jumbo latex balloons and the March issue of Baby&me magazine for more jumbo latex in bold primary colours.

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Ceiling fills and feathers

Its been a couple of weeks of passionate pinks, riotous reds and pulsating purples filling the ceilings of party venues across town.  We loved the fact that feathers were added to some of the balloons.  Such fun!


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JCrew Launch in Regent Street

We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to become involved in the launch of JCrew's flagship store in London's Regent Street.  Over 4 days we installed balloon cascades out of the windows, inflated 1200 helium balloons to give away, helped to install a shop window display and did a 1,000 balloon release on the day of opening.  

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This is London

What an evening to be on Tower Bridge Walkway!  The most spectacular view and the silver pearlised balloons shimmered in the sunset.  Pictures on display from my favourite book as a child This is London by M Sasek made the evening complete.

Tower Bridge.jpg